Clunie Reid- MELANIA SPEAKS (11'42")

1= br`’/ man/ £
Take direct and confident action now
2= brrr`’/ many/ £££
Don’t get bogged down with pointless rules and keep your flair for originality
3= brrro`’ pro/ mostest/ ££££££
You might find that the best way of getting the attention of important people is to shock them a little
4= bro `’ `’ pro/ prostest/ £££££££££
Don’t put yourself in danger by messing with equipment you don’t understand
5= Melania Speaks/ bro `’ `’ `’ pro/ prostestest/ ££££££££££££
Few people understand what sort of an adversary you would make but they could be about to find out!
6= Nous Speak/ broo `’ poo/ protestant/ N Trump turns to Twitter
You have a penchant for anything odd or unusual, and for certain aspects of history